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With a little creative designing and planning, you
can have a designer-look kitchen, hallway or living room that is affordable and easy to update.

By using our changeable "makeover tiles" you can change the look of your room as the seasons change – make your house more festive for the holidays – adjust the accent colors to match your mood (or the colors currently in vogue).

For living rooms, halls or entry ways we recommend our wood hardboard tiles as they are beautiful and feature a vibrant, high gloss finish. For kitchens or areas where the tiles could come in contact with chemicals, water or heat (e.g. around a fireplace) we recommend our glass tiles. Because the image is actually behind the glass, these tiles can withstand scrubbing (as long as you don't scratch the glass), and heavy duty cleaners.

If you prefer the more traditional (but also more fragile) ceramic tiles, we also offer those.

If you enjoy the outdoors, scenic scapes (mountains, sunsets, oceans), wildlife images or florals, you will love our Nature Art Tiles by Hirata Digital. Mostly photographed in Japan, our stunning photo tiles by famed photographer Takuo Hirata will become the focal point of your room.

If classic art from the Victorian, Edwardian or Medieval period is more your cup of tea, our line of Vintage Art Tiles by VV's Victorian Prints will appeal to you. This collection of over 1,000 images from the 1800s and early 1900s was carefully restored by graphic designer and art restorationist Valerie Vavrik.

Or perhaps you would like to use tiles featuring photos of your pets, family or your own drawings or photography. If so, we will soon be offering a customized line called My Art Tiles.

Since your tiles will be the focal spots of color, we recommend going with a fairly neutral color for the walls, floor and ceiling. Instead of choosing vibrant, bright colors, you will probably feel more comfortable with a neutral color like white, antique white, black, gray or beige. These colors won’t date the room or compete with your beautiful tiles.

Be sure to include lots of light if you go with dark colors. Windows are great during the day, but you’ll want the light at night (especially in a kitchen). Consider adding spotlights to really highlight the tiles.

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