Beauty of a Rose

Designed by Valerie Vavrik, V V Graphics
Constructed by Maggie Backman
Featuring photography by Takuo Hirata


Images printed on Silk Satin Charmeuse Inkjet Fabric Sheets by V V's Victorian Prints
using an HP Deskjet 9800 color printer.

To construct this wall hanging, images were flipped in Photoshop to give the diamond effect before printing. This idea came from Maggie Backman at Things Japanese (great idea Maggie). The four identical corner pieces are actually part of an image, selected for their color. All of these images were taken from Hirata Digital's "Beauty of a Rose" CD. The image borders and triangle pieces were created by Valerie Vavrik in Photoshop utlizing the Fibers filter. Valerie selected colors from the quilt so they would complement the images. Maggie bordered the quilt with a Silk Flat Crepe hand dyed with COLORHUE instant-set silk dyes. Other than the border, all of the fabric pieces were from Vavrik's silk satin fabric sheets printed on an inkjet printer.

Other projects and collaborations featuring images from Hirata-san are in the works. Check back for more information.

Thank you to Takuo Hirata, the talented photographer who shot these beautiful rose pictures and Maggie Backman, from Things Japanese who collaboraged in the design process in addition to constructing the wall hanging.